Using social media during a divorce can be a tricky situation. Unfortunately, a divorce can very easily be one of your life’s most turbulent and emotionally stressful experiences. The nature of social media is about sharing life experiences with family, so it is natural to want to share details of your situation with friends and family members. Indianapolis divorce attorney Matthew Zentz suggests how potential future divorcees should use social media during divorce proceedings.

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Social Media Can Be Harmless

While social media platforms are normally harmless, they can impact the outcome of your case. When you are using social media during a divorce, you have to be careful with what you post on platforms such as:

A good Indianapolis divorce lawyer will guide their clients through the divorce process. Here are some items that your Indianapolis divorce attorney may mention during a discussion about your online presence.

Don’t Criticize Your Spouse

Divorce can be painful. If you are angry or hurt, it can be difficult to refrain from expressing those feelings in a public forum. Resist that temptation! This may surprise you, but your spouse’s divorce lawyer may use negative statements or even joking comments with friends to claim that you’re creating a hostile environment for your children, which could put you in a negative situation when it comes to child custody in divorce.

Don’t Trust Privacy Settings

While you can and should set all of your social media accounts to “private,” this won’t necessarily hide all of your content from prying eyes. A mutual friend may forward posts or pictures, or the opposing divorce attorney could friend you through a dummy account. You should assume that during the divorce proceedings that the judge will be able to see every detail, even with your privacy settings at their most restrictive.

Watch Friends’ Activities

While going through the various stages of divorce, pictures, comments, and even jokes posted by your friends may show up on your account and could be used to cast you in a negative light. With that in mind, make sure to carefully monitor this activity, and ask them not to tag you in any content until the case is concluded.

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Keep Your Accounts

The best approach to social media during a divorce is to refrain from using it at all. However, don’t delete your accounts or any posts. If your spouse’s divorce lawyers plan to use your messages, photos, or public statements as part of their case, these actions could be considered evidence destruction.

Do You Have Questions About Using Social Media During a Divorce

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